Farm Floor Plan

Farm Floor Plan

12.4 ft6.6 ft18.3 ft8.0 ft6.6 ft8.0 ft4.2 ft6.0 ft4.1 ft3.1 ft3.3 ft2.8 ft14.0 ft11.5 ft11.5 ft18.3 ft6.1 ft4.0 ft4.0 ft4.0 ft33.0 ft6.0 ft5.9 ft32.8 ftKitchenHallA.bathroomPorticoC.bathroomPoojaSouthNorthEastWest6.0 ft6.0 ft11.3 ft18.0 ft14.7 ft10.7 ft11.0 ftRoom5.5 ft32.0 ft7.5 ft6.0 ft6.0 ft X 6.0 ft19.0 ft25.0 ft5.4 ft
publish time: 2021-02-27

Here is a single floor farm house plan, which is extendible for first floor. In architecture and construction engineering, floor plans are drawings drawn to scale. From the perspective of a top view, it shows the relationship between space, traffic patterns and other structural elements at the structural level. Check more details from this farm floor plan, and try to make your plan with ease!

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