Roles of Team Cooperation

Roles of Team Cooperation

Roles of Team Cooperation

Executive Reviewer

1. Attend review meetings

2. Recommend changes and approve final quotas

Team Members

1. Review work plan

2. Participate in team meetings

3. Complete work assignments

Executive Sponsor

1. Appoint team leader

2. Create executive review team

3. Secure team member participation approvals

4. Secure project funding

5. Facilitate executive review team meetings

Team Leader

1. Propose team goals, objectives and work plan.

2. Specify team member roles and accountabilities

3. Facilitate tam meetings

4. Achieve objectives and execute work plan

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

It is a diagram of roles in team cooperation.Team cooperation is not a word strange word to us.But do you know who is involved in its process.It lists four roles needed in team cooperation.This diagram also mention what they are responsible for in team cooperation respectively. Different teams have different team functions, but the basic responsibilities of team members include collaboration, cooperation and high-quality results. Check more details from this diagram, and learn more in template gallery.