Four Elements of Product Design
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Four Elements of Product Design


The aesthetic factors are determined in many aspects, including the social environment, education level, values, and personality of the object.

Aesthetic elements


The social elements are divided into politics, culture, religion, etc.; the natural environment covers the materials provided to us by nature itself, including resources and energy.

Social and natural

environmental factors


The content contained in the technical elements is divided into energy, processing technology, function, etc. It can be said that technical elements are the elements that most directly restrict the design and realization.

Technical elements


product design

Four Elements of Product Design


People-oriented" is the tenet of industrial design, but throughout the history of design, "people-oriented" in the true sense is after the emergence of modern design. In the future, the development of design will pay more attention to the coordinated development of people, machines and the environment.

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

This template mainly introduces the four elements of product design. The four elements included in product design include social and natural environmental elements, technical elements, aesthetic elements, and human elements. The template area in the picture is clear, and the frame is clear. The block diagram is a type of illustration of main parts or functions, and the blocks are connected by lines indicating the relationship between the blocks. They are widely used in hardware design, electronic design, software design and engineering in process flow diagrams. Hurry up and save the picture below and use it!

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