Intrinsic Quality of Product
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Intrinsic Quality of Product


Product performance

Refers to the product having physical, chemical or technical properties suitable for user requirements.


Product life

Refers to the use period of the product under normal conditions


Product reliability

Refers to the characteristic that the product is used within a specified time and under specified conditions without failure.


Product economy

Refers to the total cost of the product's economic life cycle.


Product safety

Refers to the degree of safety protection for the person and the environment during the use of the product.

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

Product quality refers to the characteristics that a product has to adapt to the needs of social production and life. It is a concrete manifestation of product use value. It includes two aspects of product internal quality and appearance quality. This template introduces five categories of product intrinsic quality. Check more details from this product quality diagram, or learn more in this template gallery.

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