Product Classification Matrix
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Product Classification Matrix



Low involvement

Highly involved





Low involvement & functional products

High involvement & hedonic products

High involvement & functional products

Low involvement & hedonic products

Product Classification Matrix

High involvement & hedonic products are undoubtedly the most suitable for content marketing, such as cultural and artistic products.

Highly involved & functional products are also more suitable for content marketing. Maternal and child products and cosmetics are typical products with high involvement, and the conversion rate of their content e-commerce is also very high.

Low involvement & hedonic products are not very suitable for content e-commerce. After all, users are willing to spend less time shopping and are more inclined to make simple decisions based on brand, word of mouth, sales and other data.

Low involvement & functional products are not suitable for content marketing. If you really want to do it, there are only two ways to strengthen the product's hedonic attributes or convert users into a high involvement model.

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

Share the product classification matrix with you! This figure constructs a product matrix based on the differences in consumer motivation and the degree of importance users purchase products, and divides the products into four categories: high involvement & enjoyment, high involvement & functionality, and detailed explanations are attached. A matrix diagram is a management tool that is used to analyze and determine the relationship between data sets. Professionals and project managers deal with numerous projects, deals, and clients. Interested friends can learn after collecting!

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