Product Iteration Work Process

Product Iteration Work Process

Product Iteration Work and Team Collaboration Process





Business side (operations, users, customer service, market)

User requirements collection

Actual business department

Operational data analysis

Corporate strategic planning needs

PM regularly pushes progress reports to the business department


Evaluation of competing products, popular interactions, styles, etc.

Design pre-research

Product visual design

Page interaction, visual consistency test

Industry analysis, competitive product research, data analysis to evaluate product value

Requirements collection

Demand communication, research, analysis and design (determine feasibility with technology)

Requirements review, classification, rationality, feasibility

Determine the needs to be developed

Demand scheduling

Requirements detailed design

Prototype review

Acceptance design

Communicate process requirements, confirm that all parties understand the requirements are consistent and not distorted

Participate in test verification

Whole experience

Update BackLog

Grayscale release or seed user test

Online test

Product release log

Collect data, observe feedback collection requirements and update BackLog

Demand pool management

PRD (summary business logic)

Mockuo (wireframe)

PRD (Detailed Requirements Document)

Mockuo (wireframe)

Product use document release/update

Main technical solutions and framework evaluation

Technology pre-research

Need to understand, participate in the review

R&D scheduling

R & D design

Technical design plan review

Start R&D

R&D self-test passed


Product launch/upgrade

R&D schedule

Technical Design Document

Interface/function document

Need to understand, participate in the review

Write test plan

Write test cases

Test case review

Function/interface test

Performance/experience test

System regression testing

Online test

testing report

Page interaction and visual inconsistency


Optimization suggestions

Mention bug

Page acceptance, consistency passed

Notify business parties

Can be released/upgraded

Test case

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

A picture tells you the work content and team collaboration process of the product iteration! This picture involves business parties (operations, users, customer service, market), UI/UE, PO/PM, etc., very detailed, and a lot of dry goods to share! A workflow defines the way people get their work done, the processes, and techniques used in order so that the whole job completes within the stipulated time.  It makes your business processes transparent, which in turn makes understanding and analyzing the workflow easy. It is a must-see material for product managers!

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