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Product Manager Resume

Strong resistance to pressure

Patient and careful


I have excellent grades during my school years, I have come to the fore in various activities organized by the school, I have strong learning ability, and I hope to explore more possibilities in my future work

work experience

product planning

New York XXXX Company

—Responsible for APP product content planning/product architecture, product design, and form necessary PRD documents and product prototypes;

—Responsible for collecting and proposing product requirements, and comprehensively designing products;

—Project progress monitoring and delay warning, project resource coordination, etc.


Product manager

London XXXX Company

—Responsible for analyzing and mining user needs, planning new features, and optimizing user experience;

—Responsible for the preliminary planning of new products, determine product functions, processes, make product prototypes, write product requirements documents and flow chart design;

—Track product operation data to improve the user experience of the product;

—Promote the landing, development, design, testing, and operation of new products, and cooperate with team members to achieve product goals.


Product Planning Intern

Beijing XXXX Company

According to user experience feedback, promote the optimization of product functions and content:

Responsible for and participate in writing requirements documents, function definitions, user interfaces, and interaction design


Career Objective

Salary requirements: Negotiable

Current status: active

Entry time: 2020.08

Basic Information

July 15, 1994



Education Experience

Graduate school: Yitu University

Graduation time: 2020.6

Major Name: Design Major

Education: Bachelor

Special Skill

English language



Billion pictures

Product manager

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

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