Product Training Process Flowchart
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Product Training Process Flowchart

Preparation before training

During training

After training

Product manager releases new products on Conflunce

The product manager uploads the sales support tool on the card Conflunce



Notify BD, operation check and feedback to product manager

BD, operations, and product managers all feedback on the training time that can be arranged in the past one or two weeks

Can be coordinated?


The product manager arranges the training time, location, and participants



The product manager collects training materials and issues an invitation

Hosted by the product manager, training on BD and operations

Xunzhong BD feedback market information to the product manager

The product manager organizes the training results and updates them in the product release

After the product manager training, survey the training satisfaction with the trainees

Product managers include training satisfaction and suggestions in the training rankings

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

This template is the product training process. The formulation of the entire process can be considered from the three stages of pre-training, training and post-training. The purpose of training is to let internal and external customers understand and familiarize themselves with the product. A flowchart precisely is a graphical representation of a procedure or algorithm in the form of a diagram. You can convert a complex process into a bright and straightforward method using a flowchart and make it understandable. Check more details from this flowchart, or learn more in this template gallery.

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