Data Flow Logical Network Diagram
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Data Flow Logical Network Diagram

Meraki MX64

Smart TV

MikroTik 705G

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HP ProLiant MicroServer (G7) NAGIOS, DNS, Juniper lab, random Linux labs

Femto Cell




Meraki MR18

Meraki MS220-8P

publish time: 2021-03-03
easy diagrams

It is an example of a logical network diagram that shows data flow in a network. There is a Meraki Connection that gets connected to the smart TVs and iMacs. There can be an overlap between SSID_private and SSID_guest in the connection. This complex network connection diagram explains the connectivity between the different elements present in a network connection. The administrator can create their connection based on the given logical network diagram. Check more details from this logical network diagram, or make yours with ease.

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