Flowchart of Finding Anaphylactic Shock Patients

Flowchart of Finding Anaphylactic Shock Patients

Found patient with anaphylactic shock

Cardiac arrest,

Give cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Check vital signs:

Observe changes in T, P, R, BP, consciousness, pupils, body temperature, and urine output.

Remove the patient from the allergen immediately,

If the drug is allergic, stop the drug immediately.

Keep venous access (change the infusion set)

Establish two venous channels if necessary

Rescue on the spot,

Lie supine, inhale oxygen, keep warm

Giving as directed by a doctor

0.1% adrenaline 1mg,

Diphenhydramine 20mg, adrenal cortex hormone drugs, quickly replenish blood volume.

Keep the airway unobstructed, clean up the secretions in the mouth and nasal cavity in time,

Relieve bronchospasm: If there is laryngeal edema, give cricothyrocentesis and cooperate with tracheal intubation

And make preparations for "tracheotomy".

Keep nursing records and rescue records

Notify the doctor and head nurse

publish time: 2021-03-03
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