Geographic Information Service Platform
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Geographic Information Service Platform

Terminal application system

Application build system

Operation and maintenance management system

Information Service System

Data management system

Product production system

uTwo-dimensional map application uMobile terminal application uData resource catalog

u3D map application umap application customization

u Application development API u Application development template

u Application configuration tool u Application build wizard

u Development tool plug-in u Application development help

uData service release uService operation

management uOperation status monitoring

uFunctional service release uService access

statistics uInformation security management

uOGC W*S service ugeocoding service uspatial query service

uResource Directory Service uSecurity Retrieval

Service uSpace Analysis Service

uProduct storage update uQuery browsing statistics

uData storage management uData extraction output

uData release management uData backup and recovery

u Electronic map production u Place name address processing

u 3D model generation uGeographic entity processing

uRemote sensing image processing uData quality inspection

Geographic Information Comprehensive Application Service Platform

publish time: 2021-03-03
easy diagrams

A meaningful and consistent architecture diagram helps to clarify facts and reach consensus for different stakeholders. The architecture diagram is a schematic representation of a collection of ideas that are part of an architecture including its principles, elements and materials. Architecture diagram will support designers and engineers in visualizing a system or application's high-level, overarching layout to ensure the framework addresses the needs of their customers. The structure diagram of the integrated geographic information application service platform is available for reference.

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