Hierarchical and Multi-Dimensional Users
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Hierarchical and Multi-Dimensional Users

Number of starts: total number of weekly starts, daily number of starts

Stickiness:-Use time: total weekly use time, average daily use time, average use time

-Access depth: page access level

Interaction: -Participation in interaction: message open rate/article/comment/barrage/picture/like, etc.

-Share: number of shares

-E-commerce consumption (collection, tick, payment, etc.)

-Membership service (monthly membership/annual membership, etc.)

-Content payment (reward/purchase courses/purchase audio, etc.)

Define the metric dimensions of super users

Note: Different vertical industries have different attributes, and not all dimensions are necessarily covered when defining super users.






publish time: 2021-03-03
easy diagrams

The graph summarizes the process of user fans from the first contact to becoming a super fan from three aspects: user activity, immersion method, and transfer process. There are 3 kinds of users, including active users, involvement and immersion users, and the users who have conversion transform. Each aspect is briefly explained, and the summary is very strong and intuitive. Check more details from thsi funnel diagram, and try to make yours.

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