Detailed Resume Template
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Detailed Resume Template

Self Introduction

I have three years of accountant work experience. Familiar with the operation of computer office software ord and exel; have accounting and practical management experience in the warehouse invoicing process; familiar with accounting basics and practical operation knowledge. Enthusiastic, generous and approachable. Have strong plasticity, can develop themselves in accordance with the company's development requirements, and have a strong sense of teamwork.

Alison CV


Shenzhen Nanshan Software Park 5D


Work Experience

1. CET_4 English certificate

2. Accounting qualification certificate

3. Junior accountant

4. Accounting qualification certificate

5. Junior accountant

6. Computer Level 2

Professional Skill

Education Background

Education: Bachelor (University of Finance and Economics)

Major: Accounting

Graduation time: 2016.6

Major courses: Principles of Accounting, Financial Management, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Cost Accounting, etc.

  • Make salary table and calculate salary.
  • Issue balance sheet, inventory analysis sheet, and receivable analysis sheet regularly at the beginning of the month
  • Sorting, binding and filing of accounting documents such as accounting vouchers, account books, statements, etc.
  • Responsible for e-commerce expense reimbursement, rebate orders, Tmall returns, and issue reports at the end of the month

Technology Co., Ltd. (Finance Department Accounting)


  • Supervision of branch company inventory, monthly system document check
  • According to the company’s fixed assets, low-consumable items are booked and depreciated
  • According to the company's financial system, prepare accounting vouchers based on the original vouchers that are verified and correct, such as expense vouchers, capital accounts, etc.

Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Finance Department Accounting)


  • Voucher review; comprehensive land tax declaration, individual income tax declaration, national tax declaration
  • Bank reconciliation, making bank balance reconciliation table; sorting out messy and wrong accounts
  • Company registration, change, cancellation, annual inspection; corporate income tax settlement and audit

Recruitment Co., Ltd. (Marketing Department Accountant)


Intent to apply for a job: Accountant

publish time: 2021-03-04

The accounting work is very professional and has strict requirements on the competence of accounting personnel. This is mainly reflected in the recognition of the qualifications of accounting personnel at different levels. A resume usually includes a cover letter and sometimes a job application. Potential employers will see the cover letter of the job applicant, which is usually used to screen applicants, and then they will usually be interviewed. The content of this template is a narrative about the accounting industry for reference.

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