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5D, Nanshan Software Park, Jinan, Shandong



Job hunting intention: electrical engineer

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Major courses: engineering mechanics, mechanical principles and mechanical parts, electrical and electronic technology, microcomputer principles and applications, thermal processing technology foundation, thermal processing technology equipment and design, testing technology and control engineering, CAD/CAM foundation.

Etu University Department of Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate)

2013.1-2013.7 Director of Propaganda Department of College Student Union

Served as the deputy editor of the academic journal "Morning Dew", organized the first "Morning Dew" press conference of the School of Accounting; reported on major events in the school, and published 21 articles on the college website;

Establish postgraduate entrance examination exchange group and job search information group, organize trips to Jiangxi Wugong Mountain and other activities.

2014.1-2014.7 Director of Propaganda Department of College Student Union

Served as the deputy editor of the journal "Morning Dew", as a reporter for the press team, interviewed and reported on major events in the school, and published 21 articles on the school website.





Have strong mathematical analysis and re-learning skills, have a certain understanding of the economic field, and have initial sensitivity to macro strategies; aggressive, brave to challenge, enthusiastic, hardworking, excellent team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, and strong adaptability Work intensity, adapt to overtime.

Cheerful, friendly, approachable, personal interests include reading, running, and music.


Solid foundation

innovative mind

Sense of responsibility

Wide range of hobbies

Challenge consciousness

Educational Background


School Activity

Work Experience


Personal Skills

In 2015, Yitu University won the school-level second-class scholarship

In 2015, Yitu University won the national first-level computer certificate

In 2015, Yitu University passed CET-6

In 2014, Yitu University obtained the National Accounting Qualification Certificate

In 2015, Yitu University was awarded the three best students at school level

In 2015, Yitu University was awarded the school-level outstanding student leader

In 2014, Yitu University won the honorary title of Advanced Individual in Summer Social Practice

2015.8-2015.9 State Grid Tai'an Shiheng Power Plant

Electrical engineer internship

Work content:

Participate in safety regulations learning in the power plant, follow the maintenance team to learn, and visit the workshop and production work. Combining with Th production equipment, in-depth understanding of the actual Th production status of the power plant to improve professionalism.

Familiar with the new technology, new equipment, new materials used in the current engineering Th production of this major, and collect data for the graduation project.

Participate in actual production activities, raise awareness of safe and economic operation, and establish a serious work style.

2014.7-2014.8 went to Shizhong District, Jinan City to investigate the operation of traffic lights, assistant electrical engineer

Work content:

Responsible for contacting and communicating with the District Traffic Management Bureau and the District Power Supply Bureau.

The team members worked together to develop a survey plan, make questionnaires, and conduct actual inspections of several bustling sections.

Analyze various survey results and situations, combined with actual data, and make suggestions and suggestions.



English language




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