Grand Coperation Enterprise Architecture
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Grand Coperation Enterprise Architecture

Regional organization (regional department, representative office)

CEO (Rotating CEO)

Grand Coperation Enterprise Architecture

Operator BG

Enterprise BG

Consumer BG

Cloud BU

Products and


2012 Lab

Supply chain, procurement, manufacturing

Employee University

Internal services

Group function platform

Human Resources


Enterprise Development

Strategic Marketing

Quality and Process IT

cyber security

And user privacy protection

Chief Officer

Public and government affairs

Legal affairs

Internal Audit

Ethical compliance


Board of Directors

Board of Supervisors

Independent auditor

Human Resources Committee

Finance Committee

Strategy and Development Committee

The Audit Committee

Shareholders meeting

Standing Committee

publish time: 2021-03-04

This Huawei organizational chart is an intuitive reflection of the company's organizational structure. It is the most common diagram showing the relationship between employees, titles and groups. It vividly reflects the relationship between the various organizations and positions in the organization. Shareholders' meeting to Board of Directors to Board of Supervisors, Board of Directors to (Human Resources Committee, Finance Committee, Strategy and Development Committee, Audit Committee). The auditor is independent.

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