Internet Company Enterprise Architecture
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Internet Company Enterprise Architecture

Portal (Sharepoint+portal application)

Mobile portal

business model

Portal website (web platform + portal application) Mobile portal

Unified access

Commercial application

Office network

Financial network

Human Resources Network

Public application

control center

Process management

Mobile portal management

Basic Platform

Portal platform

Workflow engine

sign in

System integration

office automation

An Choi

Information Technology Service Management


Service Access Point Human Resources

Practitioners Union

Customer Relationship Management System

Execution system

Enterprise content management

Circuit board


Unified interface input

publish time: 2021-03-04

An architectural framework is an infrastructure or a set of infrastructures used to develop a wide range of different architectures. Businesses are transforming very fast, be in terms of competition, technology, or other legacy issues. This new era also demands evolving business patterns and new concepts. Enterprise Architecture is one such concept introducing the whole business structure.  It should describe a method of designing a company's goal state with a collection of building blocks, and show how these building blocks fit together.

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