Internet Hospital Flowchart

Internet Hospital Flowchart

1. Start

2. Patient login

Whether to pick up

Re-waiting (waiting again after the patient missed the call)

3. Registered

Choose a doctor's office visit time

4. Choose a patient

5. Submit an inquiry request form (fill in the patient's medical history, information, etc.)

6. The patient pays the registration fee

7. Successful registration and waiting for the doctor to call

8. Doctor calling

9. Doctor reception

10. Doctor-patient video

11. Case report (the doctor fills in the diagnosis report)

Whether to prescribe

12. Online prescription

13. Pharmacists manually review prescriptions in the background

Review situation

14. The patient sees the doctor's order

Way of taking medicine

15. End







No way to pick

up medicine yet

Not yet docked, the way to get medicine can be done (hospital collect medicine, express to home, pharmacy collect medicine)

Can do prescription return docking His

Medicines and inventory can be docked with His

Can be used for diagnosis, return and docking His

View patient reports in hospital [His interface interaction]

Refunds for taking medicine appointments

Can be used as payment platform interface call

Can be checked by his visitor

his obtains schedule information [his interface interaction]

Can do online prescription payment and docking payment platform

publish time: 2021-03-04

In order to fully implement the policy of "Internet + medical health", many medical institutions have launched video consultation services. This template is about the connection flow chart of Internet hospital HIS. Flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of a process or workflow. This can be to represent an algorithm or showcase steps on how to solve a task. This process is mainly the video consultation part, and the specific content is for reference.

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