IP Traffic Architecture Diagram
Use immediately

IP Traffic Architecture Diagram

Growth consulting

Team building

internal training

"Operation" Consulting Services


Personal number

Service number

WeChat group

WeChat ecological "user fission" planning

"Operation" Consulting Services

Mini program traffic

Official account fans

H5 flow

Today's headlines

Know almost

Industry media

Upstream and downstream partners

Centralized traffic platform

Online course

High-end contacts

Value-added services

Practical training camp

Paid: WeChat community

Offline private board

IP Traffic Architecture Diagram


Product Official Account

WeChat ecology

Online course

High-end contacts

Free: WeChat community

Offline private board

UGC disassembly case

PGC operation dry goods

Paid subscription


Successful case endorsement

Precipitating users

Moments back

Improve stickiness

Precipitating users

Moments dry goods content

Lightweight screening

Multi-channel distribution

of content finishing

Lightweight screening

UGC content contribution

Content finishing and

multiple distribution

publish time: 2021-03-04

How to play private domain traffic personal number matrix Before designing the personal number matrix, we must first understand the purpose and principle of the design? The purpose is to better deal and convert customers. The architecture diagram is a schematic representation of a collection of ideas that are part of an architecture including its principles, elements and materials. Architecture diagram will support designers and engineers in visualizing a system or application's high-level, overarching layout to ensure the framework addresses the needs of their customers. Let's take a look.

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