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Double Bubble Map Example

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Published on 2021-03-09
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From this double bubble map example, you can see the differences and similarities between the graphic organizers and thinking map which are used for teaching methods. As for the thinking maps, are based on fundamental thinking skills, consistent graphic language for school, and highly flexible forms. However, the graphic organizers are based on isolated tasks, and often static forms. 

1. What is Double Bubble Map

Individuals, events, locations, ideas, and artifacts can all be compared and contrasted using the Double Bubble Map. The two thoughts are written in two adjacent center bubbles at the start. Bubbles are then placed between the two concepts to catch the aspects that are similar, while more bubbles are placed on the outside extremities of the two original ideas to capture the elements that are distinct. It's similar to a Venn diagram in appearance.

2. The Use of Double Bubble Map 

A double bubble map aids pupils in comprehending the many types of descriptors or category concepts. Students can easily compare and contrast characters, concepts, people, ideas, books, cultures, and almost anything else with the help of this map. Students are frequently able to think in terms of point and counterpoint when confronted with different or conflicting views.

Students can think critically about the knowledge they've received but haven't yet processed by comparing and contrasting it. They are well-versed in the specifics of a person or a mathematical idea. When they compare and contrast one variable with another, however, they are able to think more thoroughly about the necessity.

3. How to Make a Double Bubble Map

A signal term does not need to be covered by a bubble map. You can make a simple bubble map for a single word or a more sophisticated one with several nouns and adjectives that describe more than one noun. You can use a bubble map tool to make a more sophisticated bubble map, such as a double or triple bubble map. To make a bubble map, just follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Fill a bubble in the center of the map with the noun you want to describe. 
Step 2: Make a list of adjectives that could be used to describe the noun. 
Step 3: Arrange the adjectives around the noun in a circular arrangement. 
Step 4: A line from one adjective to the next connects the nouns and adjectives.
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Double Bubble Map Example
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