Four Stages for Customers
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Four Stages for Customers

Four Stages for Customers

Before enterprise customers become your customers, they often go through four stages: Awareness, Market Research, Consideration and Decision.

Customers generate demand and need a product to meet the company's development.

Consciousness stage


Research phase

(Market Research)

Weighing stage


Decision stage


Customers research such products online and consult them.

Customers weigh and evaluate between several intended products.

The customer decides which product to use or buy.

publish time: 2021-03-09

The four stages that customers experience: awareness stage, research stage, weighing stage, and decision-making stage. The illustration uses arrows to make the image vivid, and each stage introduces the tasks that need to be done. The color adopts a gradient color system, which reveals the light to dark context of the customer in the first four stages of becoming a customer.

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