Weekly Workout Plan
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Weekly Workout Plan

on MondayTuesday (Wednesday)on WednesdayThursday (Wednesday) Fridayon SaturdaySundaywarm upPace: 6Time: 10 minutesrestTreadmillrestTreadmillTreadmillrestTreadmillAnaerobic trainingTime: 40 minutesTraining partBrisk walking, jogging to consolidateChest, upper limbsBrisk walking, jogging to consolidateBack, upper limbsWaist and abdomenBrisk walking, jogging to consolidateLegs, shouldersbuild musclePectoralis major, tricepsLatissimus dorsi, bicepsRectus abdominis, oblique skinBack deltoid, middle deltoid, anterior deltoid, quadriceps, back of thighAction nameBench Press, Inclined Bench Press, Floor Supine Bird, Dumbbell Chest Press, Incline Supine BirdPull-ups, sitting high-strength exercises (wide grip, narrow grip), latissimus dorsi pull-down, rowing, one-arm curl, seated curlAbdomen roll, leg lift, dumbbell Russian rotation, suspension plank supportSeated thigh stretch, seated back leg stretch, lateral thigh muscle exercises, inner thigh muscle exercises, sitting posture holding dumbbells and shoulder presses, sitting posture flat raises, basic side elevationsExercise intensity12/group*412/group*412/group*412/group*4Aerobic trainingTime: 30 minutesTreadmillTreadmillTreadmillTreadmillTreadmillDiet planningBreakfast 8:00Two eggs, one pack of skimmed milk (250ml), one vegetarian bun (a slice of whole wheat bread)Extra meal 10:00Two fruits or one tomatoLunch 12:00100 grams of green vegetables, 100 grams of fish, shrimp or chicken, 100 grams of staple food (mainly rice or whole grain rice), less salt and less oilExtra meal 16:00Two bananas or one tomatoDinner 18:00200 grams of vegetables, 150 grams of fish, shrimp or chicken, 50 grams of staple food20:00 in the eveningtrainingWeekly Workout Plan
publish time: 2021-03-09

I opened my clothes and showed my big belly shyly, so I went to the gym to apply for a card. I didn't know how to practice when facing a pair of equipment. Ask the coach. The personal training course is too expensive. I don't know how to start the fitness plan. , Try this primary training program.

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