8 Steps of Content Marketing
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8 Steps of Content Marketing

set a goal

  • What is the goal you want to achieve through content marketing?
  • Brand building goals
  • Sales growth target

Audience targeting

  • Who are your customers? What are his needs and desires?
  • Customer information and preferences
  • Customer needs and desires

Content ideas and plans

  • What is the overall plan? What is the content route?
  • Content theme
  • Content form and combination
  • Content mainline and schedule

Content creation

  • When and where are these contents produced?
  • Content publishers, content and outsiders
  • Content distribution plan

Content distribution

  • How do you want to distribute the content produced?
  • Own channel
  • Paid channel
  • Access to

Content promotion

  • How will you use content to interact with customers?
  • Start a conversation around content
  • Use hot and hot words well

Content marketing evaluation

  • How successful is your content marketing?
  • Content marketing metrics
  • Overall target achievement

Content marketing optimization

  • How do you improve existing marketing activities?
  • Change theme
  • Optimize content
  • Improve distribution and promotion

8 Steps of Content Marketing

publish time: 2021-03-09

This template is the prerequisite for content marketing. It contains 8 steps. To do content marketing, this is a very important process and method. Firstly, you should set a goal. What is the goal you want to achieve through content marketing? Brand building goals? Or sales growth target? Then targeting audience, content ideas and plans, and content creation. The specific content can be referenced through the template.

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