Brand Integrated Marketing Model
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Brand Integrated Marketing Model

Market scan

Market analysis

Competitive landscape

Consumption observation

Brand photo

Corporate strategic goals

Competitive Strategy

problem found

The solution

Brand positioning strategy

Brand integrated marketing strategy

The core of the brand

Brand proposition

Brand tone

Marketing goal

Strategic principles

Brand positioning statement

Promotion goal

Strategic principles

Brand promotion strategy

Brand marketing strategy

Creative strategy

broadcast strategy

PR strategy

Product Strategy

Price Strategy

Channel strategy

Advertising goal

Creative concept

Creative performance

Communication target

Principles of Communication

Media portfolio and scheduling budget

PR goals

Theme concept

Public relations form

Product system integration goals

Principles of product system integration

Product system integration recommendations

Price system planning goals

Pricing system planning principles

Price system planning suggestions

Channel planning goals

Channel planning principles

Channel selection method

publish time: 2021-03-09

Brand integrated marketing refers to the use of all contact points between the brand and the company as information transmission channels, with the goal of directly influencing the purchase behavior of consumers. This template is a diagram of the brand integrated marketing model for reference.

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