Comparison Diagram for Waste Sorting
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Comparison Diagram for Waste Sorting

Comparison Diagram for Waste Sorting



Strongly related to sanitation operations

The whole chain of garbage sorting work, full coverage

Clear responsibilities and clear division of labor

Effectively solve the pain points of kitchen waste disposal

High degree of standardization, strong reproducibility

Focus on a single link, not strong overall

Lack of top-level design and systemicity

Resident participation is not high and operability is weak

Many repetitive investments, focusing on short-term goals

Investment, receipt, transportation, and place are out of touch

publish time: 2021-03-09

The purpose of classification is to improve the resource value and economic value of garbage, and strive to make the best use of it. This template is a comparison chart about the advantages and disadvantages of the garbage classification environmental service model and the single garbage classification work. The specific content is for reference.

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