Environmental Service System
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Environmental Service System

On-site food waste treatment station

Recyclables + bulky waste + garden waste

Hazardous waste

Other garbage

Food Waste Treatment Center

Recyclables Comprehensive Disposal Center

Hazardous garbage temporary storage center

Other garbage transfer centers

Incineration plant


Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant

Renewable resources industry

Direct shipment

Direct shipment

Direct shipment

Direct shipment



Relay Environment Service Station

Environmental Service Complex

Downstream processing industry

Garbage Classification Environmental Service System

publish time: 2021-03-09

Garbage classification is fully covered from point to surface and fully integrated into people's production and life. This template is about the content and analysis of the garbage classification environmental service system. All domestic garbage is divided into four categories: “recyclable garbage”, “hazardous garbage”, “wet garbage” and “dry garbage” which were different from traditional recyclable and unrecyclable garbage mode. The specific content is for reference.

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