Purchasing House Process Diagram
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Purchasing House Process Diagram

Purchasing House Process Diagram

1. Evaluate the ability to buy a house

2. Understand real estate knowledge

3. Check and choose a room

4. Subscription

5. Sign the contract

6. Choose payment method

7. Loan process

8. Acceptance process

9. Pay the fees during the transaction

10. Online signing and filing

11. Apply for the property right certificate

12. Communicate with the developer to resolve

publish time: 2021-03-09

Buying a house requires a lot of patience and time, especially for newcomers who are buying a house for the first time, they need to spend a lot of time to understand the process of buying a house. Therefore, buyers should understand clearly before buying a house. What are the process of buying a house? Follow these steps and you will surely save a lot of worry on the way to buy a house.

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