Roadmap for Waste Sorting
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Roadmap for Waste Sorting


Garbage room

Garbage removal

Garbage transfer station

Garbage transfer

Vein Industrial Park

Garbage collection

Classified delivery

Other, harmful

Classification processing

Classified transportation

(Classified transshipment)

Waste Sorting Environmental Service Complex

Classified transportation

Staging point

Separate collection

Waste flow direction under traditional sanitation mode

Garbage flow direction under the garbage classification environmental service mode

Food waste, recyclable

Classification processing

Roadmap for Waste Sorting

publish time: 2021-03-09

Where does the domestic waste generated in the general city flow? This template is a map of the overall flow of waste under the implementation mode of waste classification. When people do cleaning, they will classified the waster and trash. Then the garbage will be collected and put in the garbage room, which is waiting for transporting to the waste sorting place. The specific content is for reference.

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