Humanistic Society Taxonomy
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Humanistic Society Taxonomy

Human rights

A universal Law made by people for people

6th step

Humanistic thinking

Placing the human being at the centre!

1st step


Reson becomes the ultimate source of decision!

2nd step


Sepaeation of the powers of religion and Politcs!

3rd step

Rule of law

Justice through secular laws and constitution

4th step


Representatives periodically elected by the people!

5th step

Humanistic Society Taxonomy

publish time: 2021-03-09

This is a humanistic society taxonomy. In this template, there are 6 degrees about the law society, including humanistic thinking, rationality, secularity, rule of law, democracy, and human rights. As for the humanistic thinking, it places the human at the center. Rule of law represents the justice through secular laws and constitution. The highest degree is human rights, which is a universal law made by people for people. Learn more from this useful taxonomy.

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