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Roof Shaped Matrix

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Publish time:03-11-2021
This is a C-shaped matrix diagram. This matrix compares and analyses three sets of data from different lists. A C-shaped matrix chart is not a circular flow but a three-dimensional cube diagram. When three types of lists have to be analyzed simultaneously, a C-type matrix chart is the usual go-to. The roof-shaped matrix is used with an L- or T-shaped matrix to show one group of items relating to itself. It is most commonly used with a House of Quality, where it forms the "roof" of the "house." This example provides four variations of the House of Quality Business Tool used in the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) technique. The House of Quality is a diagram that resembles a house, used for mapping the relationship between customer needs and product capabilities. It is a tool used as part of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and it uses as a basis a planning matrix to relate what the customer wants to how a producer meets those needs.
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