Y-shaped Matrix Diagram
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Y-shaped Matrix Diagram

Y-shaped Matrix Diagram for Tasks Shift and Location

Receive Packages

Sent Packages

Load Trucks



Warehouse Location

First shift

Outbound dock

Second shift

Receiving doc

Receiving station

Reltionship Matrix




No Assignments

Sorting Station/belt

Update Package Status

Unload Trucks

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

This is a Y-shaped matrix diagram. The Y-shaped diagram relates three groups of items that are all related to each other and exist in a circular flow. Here group A, group B, and group C are connected and related to each other (i.e., A ← → B ← →C← →A). These relationships are depicted in a circular diagram. Use the Y-shaped matrix when you need to compare three closely related groups. It can also be used as a practical simplification of the C-shaped matrix. The below example depicts the relation between 3 such groups (i.e. Tasks, Shifts, and location). For more examples, please check out our edrawMax template gallery.

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