X-Shaped Matrix Diagram
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X-Shaped Matrix Diagram

X-shaped Matrix Diagram to compare four groups

Reltionship Matrix

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Low amount of time spent

Product Manager

David Saliner

Nia Gutkowski

Phil Acres

Mikey Neilands

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Smart Test

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Brigida Withey

Pervy Veltman

Jeremiah Oakton

Erica Romaguera

New Feature

Principal Engineer

Office Location

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

This is an X-Shaped matrix diagram. This matrix is a combination of four different types of L-shaped matrices and it can also be considered as an extension of a T-type matrix chart and is used to compare two complementary sets of data. Here, each axis of the matrix chart is related to the adjacent axis but not to the axis across it. Each group is related to two adjacent groups in a circular pattern. This Example shows the X-shaped diagram comparing four groups of items like Manager, Engineer, Location, and Feature. For more examples, please check out our edrawMax template gallery.

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