Y-Shaped Matrix for Financial Firm
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Y-Shaped Matrix for Financial Firm

Total amount invested

Profitability of service

Amount of financial consultation required

Customer Expectations

Extensive advise


Groups Involved

Financial Analyst




Very Important

Y-shaped matrix diagram for a Financial Services Firm

Internal Matrices

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

This is a Y-Shaped Matrix diagram. The basic Y-Shaped Matrix Diagram typically shows the critical relationships of three groups of items in a kind of circular flow. In this example, the Y-shaped matrix diagram is used by a financial services firm that specializes in managing the investments of relatively small investors (that is, less than $10 million). The managing partner wants to illustrate the firm’s internal metrics compared to the customer’s expectations compared to the groups involved in the service delivery. For more examples, please check out our edrawMax template gallery.

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