Opportunity Sources Pie Chart
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Opportunity Sources Pie Chart

Pie Chart - Opportunity Sources

Existing Client 32.4%

Tradeshow 21.6%

Referral 18.9%

Web site 16.2%

Inbound Call 10.8%

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

The business opportunity sources Pie chart template is created for the graphical illustration of statistical data. Pie diagrams have an extensive history in the field of statistics and research. Still, it remains the easy method of depict numerical data. The segmented ring has an immense influence on handling information. This business opportunity sources diagram Pie chart template contains five segments. Therefore, the presenter can display five inferential statistics to the audience. The pie diagram created with the charming formation and the color mixture makes an aesthetic appearance. The business consultants may use this template to show five modern business ideas or business opportunity sources.

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