Medical Emergency Workflow
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Medical Emergency Workflow

Patient arrives

Receptionist gets patient information

Receptionist searches database for patient file

Patient in system?


Patient fills out paperwork


Patient sent to waiting room

Nurse takes patient to exam room

Doctor examines patient

Workflow diagram - Medical Emergency Visit

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

This is a workflow diagram where in the medical industry uses this diagram type to depict the steps involved in an emergency room visit. It starts with the patient visiting the hospital, filling the patient information, searching the database for the patient file in the computer, etc., if the patient information is already present in the database then the patient is sent to the waiting room then to the doctor. If the patient has visited the hospital for the first time then he/she should do the paperwork. Similarly there are many template resources available in EdrawMax please do visit the EdrawMax website to learn more about the diagrams.

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