Online Ticket Booking Workflow
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Online Ticket Booking Workflow


Order Clerk


Request to Place Package Order

Enter Customer Informatioin

Display Customer Information/Found?

Verify Customer Information Correct


Save Customer Information


Start Order

Create New Order

For each Seat in Package

Request Ticket Package

Add Package

Add Package to Order

End Order

End for each

End Order

Calculate Total Due

Give Payment

End Payment


Workflow Diagram - Online Ticket Booking Process

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

This is a workflow diagram which show what steps a customer must follow for an online ticket booking process. It starts with placing a package order, followed by entering customer details. If the customer information is found then verify for its correctness, if not found then save customer details followed by start order. To start an order create a new order page followed by request ticket package and add package to order. The last step in this process is calculating total due amount and making payment for the ticket. EdrawMax provides all users with a broad spectrum of templates like this.

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