Human Resources Strategic Planning
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Human Resources Strategic Planning

Human Resources Strategic Planning

1. Investigation and analysis

First, we must investigate the basic information related to human resources of the enterprise, and at the same time, we need to pay special attention to the investigation and analysis of human resources within the organization, and then the investigation and analysis of external human resources of the enterprise.

4. Formulate

Analysis of the results of the supply and demand forecast of internal and external human resources of the enterprise; analysis of the net demand for human resources of the enterprise; human resource planning of the business development of the enterprise.

5. Implementation and execution

According to the company's human resource strategic planning, gradually establish or improve the company's existing human resource management system. Decompose and implement the goals and plans in the corporate development strategy and human resource strategic planning.

6. Monitoring and evaluation

Check whether the human resource strategic plan matches the company's development strategy, whether it matches the design of the company's human resource system modules, and the rationality and operability of the system modules of human resource management.

3. Enterprise human resource supply forecast

When forecasting the supply of internal human resources, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the status of existing personnel within the enterprise and their movement patterns, namely turnover rate, transfer rate and promotion rate.

2. Forecast of demand and supply

The human resource demand forecast of an enterprise is mainly based on the realization plan of the enterprise's development strength and development strategy goals.

publish time: 2021-03-12

The steps and content of human resource strategic planning mainly consist of six parts, which are for investigating and analyzing corporate human resource planning information, corporate human resource demand and supply forecasting, corporate human resource supply forecasting, corporate human resource strategic planning formulation, and corporate human resources The implementation and execution of strategic planning, the monitoring and evaluation of corporate human resource strategic planning are six parts.

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