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Knowledge of Talent Market

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The total number of talents has continued to grow steadily; the quality of talents has gradually improved; talents are concentrated in the tertiary industry; the geographical distribution of talents is still showing a trend of strength in the east and weak in the west. China's talent resource allocation is in the process of historic turning. The main features of development

The restriction of the household registration system, the inadequacy of the traditional personnel file management system and China's economic and social development

The operating mechanism of the talent market is not sound enough

The implementation of daily and immediate supervision and management of talent flow and talent market activities is not perfect

A job agency is an organization that introduces employment to the unemployed. Carry out employment registration, master labor resources, introduce and arrange labor employment, supervise the mutual compliance of labor contracts and agreements between laborers and employers, and organize, manage, business and technical training and political and ideological education for idle labor

The "2005 China Talent Report-Talent Development in the Historical Process of Building a Harmonious Society" (Yellow Paper), edited by the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Ministry of Personnel, has been published recently. This report is China's first systematic analysis of talent status.

The talent market is a market where companies and institutions recruit and recruit workers, and workers apply for jobs and fill out resumes.

publish time: 2021-03-12

The talent market is a market where enterprises and institutions recruit and recruit workers, and workers apply for jobs and fill in their resumes. The description of the talent market is divided into four contents, which are development characteristics, existing problems, and related information about job agencies and the talent market.

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