Six Modules of Human Resources
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Six Modules of Human Resources

Recruitment and allocation

1. Analysis of recruitment needs;

2. Job analysis and competency analysis;

3. Recruitment procedures and strategies;

4. Analysis and selection of recruitment channels;

5. Implementation of recruitment;

Performance management

1. Performance management preparation stage;

2. Implementation stage;

3. Evaluation stage;

4. Summary stage;

Employee Relations

1. Employment law;

2. Labor Law and Labor Contract Law

3. Labor relations and labor service relations;

4. Enterprise incentives and coordination;

5. Labor-management negotiation and mediation;

6. Unionization and collective bargaining.

Salary and benefits management

1. Salary;

2. Build a comprehensive salary system

3. Welfare and other salary issues;

4. Evaluate performance and provide feedback.

Training and development

1. Theoretical study;

2. Project evaluation;

3. Investigation and evaluation;

4. Training and development;

human resource planing

1. Organizational structure;

2. Adjustment and analysis of corporate organization;

3. Analysis of the supply and demand of enterprise personnel;

4. Formulation of enterprise human resource system;

Six Modules of Human Resources

publish time: 2021-03-12

The six modules of human resource management connect, interact and influence each other to form an effective system of human resource management. For example, human resource planning is the starting point of human resource management, mainly through planning to help organizations predict the number of expected future personnel needs and basic quality composition.

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