Thinking Order Taxonomy
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Thinking Order Taxonomy


argue assess attach

choose compare conclude

contrast defend describe discriminate

estimate evaluate explain judge justify interpret

relate predict rate select summarize support value

analyze appraise breakdown calculate categorize compare

contrast criticize diagram differentiate discriminate distinguish

examine experiment identity illustrate infer model outline

point out question relate select separate subdivide test

apply change choose compute demonstrate discover

dramatize employ illustrate interpret manipulate

modify operate practice predict prepare produce

relate schedule show sketch solve use write

classify convert defend describe discuss distinguish

estimate explain express extend generalized give

example(s) identify indicate infer locate paraphrase

predict recognize rewrite review select

summarize translate.

arrange define describe duplicate identify

label list match memorize name

order outline recognize relate recall

repeat reproduce select state

arrange assemble categorize collect combine comply

compose construct create design develop devise explain

formulate generate plan prepare rearrange reconstruct relate

reorganize revise rewrite set up summarize synthesize tell write

Higher Order

Thinking Skills


Make and defend judgments based on internal

evidence or external criteria.


Compile component ideas into a new whole or

propose alternative solutions.


Break down objects or ideas into simpler parts

and find evidence to support generalizations.


Apply knowledge to actual situations.


Demonstrate an understanding of the facts.


Remember previously learned information.

publish time: 2021-03-12

Here is a taxonomy about the thinking order, from which you can see there are mainly 6 types of thinking pattern, and the higher thinking skill is on the top. First, you should knowledge and remeber things that encoutered in your life and study. Then, try to comprehend the knowledge accroding to your personal way. Thridly, just apply your knowledge into the real practices or in real life, like when you face up with new problem, try to solve it as per your new knowledge. There are more thinking skills that you can check in this taxonomy, and try to apply it into your life.

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