The Skills Acquisition Taxonomy
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The Skills Acquisition Taxonomy

The Skills Acquisition Taxonomy





does what works

Unconscious decision making

No need to analyse or compare


Conscious decision making- must decide how

Problem solving using multiple real world experiences

Recognises what needs to be done but

not how to do it


Number of rules become excessive

Learn principles of perspectives

Perspectives developed by sorting information by relevance

Involved in and feeds the responsibility of decision making

New situational elements are identified

Rules beging to be applied to reated conditions

Decisions are made by maxims

Detached - does not take personal responsility


No previous experiences

Follows rule - specific rules for specific circumstances with no alteratives

No contextual understanding

Detached - does not feel responsible other than following the rule

publish time: 2021-03-12

This taxonomy illustrates the skills that everyone needs. There are mainly 5 catogaries, including novice, advanced beginners, competent skills, proficient skills, and expert skills. From this taxonomy, each-level capabilities that everyone need to have through the study in life or at study. A taxonomy chart is the organized graphic practice and representation of things and concepts. Usually, the taxonomy chart is used in biology to classify all living things. In the 18th century, Carolus Linnaeus suggested a classification process, and this taxonomy system is still used today. Learn more in this taxonomy, or try to make yours with ease.

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