Animal Flashcards Part 1
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Animal Flashcards Part 1

Bear [beə]

Camel ['kæm(ə)l]

Cat ['kæm(ə)l]

Chelonian [kɪ'ləʊnɪən]

Cow [kaʊ]

Deer [dɪə]

English Vocabulary Flashcard 2 - Animals

publish time: 2021-03-17
Captain O Captain

Flashcards can stimulate visual memory as they are visual aids that can help students learn materials easier and quicker. There is no need to go out and buy animal flashcards as they can easily be created by the teachers using online tools like EdrawMax. Using Animal Flashcards makes learning easier as well as can help the students to be more focused on the most important elements of what they need to learn. English Vocabulary Flashcards can help students in learning more about the animals like bears, Camel, Cat, Chelonian, Cow, and Deer. By using English Vocabulary Flashcards for animals, students can improve their understanding of these animals.

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