Animal Flashcards Part 2
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Animal Flashcards Part 2

Dragon ['dræg(ə)n]

Dog [dɒg]

Dolphin ['dɒlfɪn]

Elephant ['elɪf(ə)nt]

Giraffe [dʒə'rɑ:f]

Horse [hɔːs]

English Vocabulary Flashcard 3 - Animals

publish time: 2021-03-17
Captain O Captain

Flashcards are often part of the spaced practice as it allows the students to take advantage of short amounts of time that become available throughout the day or week, in addition to during planned study sessions. In general, flashcards are two-sided, for example, one side of the card may say Delhi, and the other side reads, The capital of India. However, if we are using animal flashcards and learning the English word for the animals, then understanding their pronunciation and spelling leads to a higher rate of learning amongst the students. English Vocabulary Flashcards can depict several animals like dragon, dog, dolphin, elephant, giraffe, and horse, along with their pictorial representation and how they are phonetically pronounced.

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