Fishbone Diagram for Tea
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Fishbone Diagram for Tea

ProcessPhysical EvidencePersonnelProductToo much waterToo much teaNo trainingRudeNo trainingWrong chargeComputer not uploadedBad packageOutdated teaLids don't fit cupsBrew time too longDirty cupTea not hot enoughWarmer not workingNo desiccativeBad TeaThe spine shape has connection points, which are evenly distributed. Drag more category shape to the spine to add more causes if necessary.Primary cause shape has two control handles, one for changing line length and the other for moving the shape.
publish time: 2021-03-17
Captain O Captain

A Fishbone Diagram helps to understand the possibilities of causes for an effect or problem, like to examine the causes and effect of consuming a bad tea. Though moderate consumption of tea might not create any issue but drinking too much tea which has passed its expiration could lead to negative side effects, such as food poisoning, digestive issues, and vomiting. We can explain the cause and effect of consuming expired or bad tea using a Fishbone Diagram via online tools like EdrawMax Online. A Fishbone Diagram will elaborate the processes, physical evidence, and description of the product that lets you understand the gravity of the situation if someone has consumed the tea that has crossed its expiration date.