Textile Bleaching Machine Process

Textile Bleaching Machine Process

Main HeaderzSSSSSSSSSSTextile Bleachine Machine Process LEGENDSST12456789101213141516171819202122233111Main Supply Hot Water valve2Main Supply cold Water valve3Main Supply Steam Valve4W1 Hot Filling5W2 Cold Filling6Manual Gate Valve7DA Filling valve8RT Pump Over Valve9RT Filling Valve10RT Drain Valve11Bag Filter Sampling Valve12Addition Tank Filling Valve13Addition Tank Sampling Valve14Addition Tank Drain Valve15Circulation Valve16Centrifugal Pump17VA 2 Cold Drain Valve18VA 1 Hot Drain Valve19Steam Trap Valve20Pneumatic Control Valve (Steam Valve)21Safety Valve22Pressure Relief Valve 23Overflow Valve153095155095
publish time: 2021-03-19

This diagram is related to the Textile process, Most companies used the Thies machine in the textile bleaching process for cotton or yarn processing. This video is based on the cotton bleaching process machine. Interested in this diagram, or want to learn more about this machine, click it now! Or try to make yours with ease!

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