Production Value Stream Map
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Production Value Stream Map

SupplierInventoryProduction ControlCustomer ServiceCustomerVasco- Carb (022D)C\T (hrs) - 0.82S\T (hrs) - 5.08Heat Treatment (Pit Furnace)C\T (hrs) - 0.29S\T (hrs) - 0.00PlatingTanksC\T (hrs) - 0.52S\T (hrs) - 0.00Vasco - Inspection (inspect per CDI)C\T (hrs) - 1.75S\T (hrs) - 0.000.820.290.521.75
publish time: 2021-03-22

Here is a production value stream map for the class task at SRM University. From this value stream mapping, the suppliers offer the production according to the inventory. Then the supply chain manages the production control, and the goods ship to the market in the end. Learn more details from this value stream mapping, and try to make yours with ease.

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