Aftersales Service Workflow

Aftersales Service Workflow

Customer calls and requests repair

Deliver products to customer

Print user profile

Create user profile

Customer service staff

records repair request default

Send technician to repair

within 24 hours

Default removed

Default not removed


Ship product back

to factory and repair

Follow up repair and


Send technician to

maintain regularly

After-sales Service Flowchart

publish time: 2021-03-23

After-sales service is any support provided to a customer after the product or service has already been purchased. Several big or small companies use after-sales service support as a business strategy as it improves the brand value that eventually leads to higher customer satisfaction and brings more clients. As shown in the After-sales service workflow flowchart, shows the step-by-step process of making sure that the client is satisfied with the services offered to him. After a product is delivered to a customer, their online profile is created which is forwarded to the customer care team, which gets in touch with the customer when they encounter any problem. The customer care team in return sends a technician to repair the damaged product and if the customer is satisfied with the after-sales service, then a follow-up repair and maintenance is provided to ensure that there are no more damages.

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