Brand Resonance Pyramid
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Brand Resonance Pyramid

Intense, active loyalty.

4. Relationship = What about you and us?


Positive, accessible reactions.

3. Response = What about us?

Judgments Feelings

Point of parity & difference.

2. Meaning = What are we?

Performance Imagery

Deep, broad brand awareness.

1. Identity = Who are we?


Goal at Each Stage

Stages of Brand Development

publish time: 2021-03-26

Brand Resonance denotes the relationship that a customer has with the product and how well that customer can be related to the product. As shown in the below diagram, brand resonance image is the intensity of a customer’s psychological connection with the community or brand and randomness to recall the brand in different consumption situations. There are six major building blocks that build brand resonance pyramids: salience, performance, imagery, judgments, feelings, and resonance. In the brand resonance pyramid diagram, the first level deals with establishing the identity of the brand. Salience refers to how easily or often a consumer thinks of the brand.

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