Funeral Invitation Card
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Funeral Invitation Card



AT Holy Grace Chapel

JAN 5,1940 - JUL 11,2018

The honor of Your family is requested at a luncheon reception immediately following the funeral service on November 12.2021 from 2pm to 5pm

Please cntat Rose Smith at(312) 555 2364

publish time: 2021-03-26
Lisa Anderson

A funeral invitation often serves as an open invitation for mourners to attend the service. Black background funeral invitation cards are often created on the family’s behalf by their close ones. A funeral invitation card is just like any other invitation card. The only difference is that a funeral invitation card is sent across when someone passes away and is generally sent out to family, friends, and colleagues. The funeral invitation card is sent when someone dies and is about to be buried or cremated. In general, a funeral invitation card shows the picture of the deceased, their full name, town/city they have lived in, surviving family members, place of employment or activities that they enjoyed, funeral date/time/place, and if the funeral is private or public.

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