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Business Card Template

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-03-26
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A business card is a 2 by 3-inch rectangle of card stock, although creative custom card designs have been done using a variety of materials such as wood or cloth, or paper. As shown in the diagram, the business person’s name is at the center of the card, followed by any degrees, diplomas, or professional business designations in an abbreviated format. 

1. What is a Business Card

A business card is a compact, printed paper card, usually the size of a credit card, that contains your company's information, such as your name, contact information, and logo. The design of your business card is an important aspect of your branding and should be a visual extension of your logo.

A business card is a card that contains information about a firm or a person's business. As a convenience and memory assistance, they are distributed during formal introductions. A business card usually includes the giver's name, firm or business affiliation (usually with a logo), and contact information including street addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and website.

2. The History of Business Card

Business cards have long been the most common means for people to share their contact information with other people in the business world, as well as potential customers or clients. Even in the digital era, business cards thrive, and the exchange of business cards is nearly a ritual in nations like China and Japan. 

Business cards are one of the most effective direct marketing tools because they provide a more tangible way to convey information about who you ar
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