Birthday Party Checklist
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Birthday Party Checklist

Decide the party theme with your child.

Choose a date, time and location for the party.

Decide whom to invite and make a guest list.

Prepare invitations.

6 Weeks Before the Party

Send out invitations.

Determine activities to match your party theme.

Make a list of your party supplies.

4 Weeks Before the Party

Shop for party supplies.

Order a cake.

Decide the food menu.

Line up any help you may need.

3 Weeks Before the Party

Decide the whole schedule of the party.

Call the invitees who haven't responded.

Clean you house thoroughly if the party is in your house.

Develop a cooking schedule.

Check supplies again and shop for missing pieces.

1 or 2 Weeks Before the Party

Purchase groceries.

Make sure your camera have enough battery.

Prepare crafts that could be set ahead of time.

Confirm with the entertainer and helper who will come to help.

Check supplies again and shop for missing pieces.

3 Days Before the Party

Bake or pick up the cake.

Decorate your home or gather decorations.

Prepare make-ahead food.

1 Day Before the Party

Decorate the party venue if not at home.

Finish the last-time cooking.

Display food.

Put the handles on the cake.

Make a list of who give the gifts.

Serve cakes and ice creams.

Enjoy the party.

The Day of the Party

Birthday Party Check List

publish time: 2021-03-26
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Whether one owns a party planning business or is just throwing an event for family and friends, a birthday party checklist will help you organize before the big day. Using a birthday party checklist and creating an event timeline are some of the many things one can do to make sure everything goes smoothly. As shown in the birthday party checklist diagram, stuff like Appetizers, salads, sides, main dishes, desserts, and drinks are important aspects that should be bought beforehand. Online tools like EdrawMax Online lets you create wonderful birthday party checklist diagrams as it provides several icons, background images, text fonts, and table options.

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